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PAC Newsletter Archive

The PAC Newsletter, which ended in 2018, was produced by parents working in the PAC Communication Committee. The aim of the newsletter was to help co-ops communicate among themselves, inform families about important dates, ideas, related classes and seminars, Cooperative Preschool solutions and techniques from other preschools. It also advertised teacher openings, and fundraising activities.

2017-2018 School Year

April 2018 – Tuning into the Senses for Emotional Regulation by Rebecca Hoyt MSW
March 2018 – The ‘Perks’ and ‘Downsides’ of Parenting by Mary Ann Abbott
February 2018 – Helping our Around the House by Kristin Church
January 2018 – Raising an Action Verb: Allowing Your Children to Be by Rebecca Hoyt MSW
December 2017 – ‘It Takes a Village’ by Emily Bradley
November 2017 – Kids & Media: Formulating a Family Plan by Erin Bernau

2016-2017 school year

May 2017 – Book Review: Parenting Without Borders
April 2017 – Early Intervention for Long Lasting Benefits
March 2017 – Handling Difficult Conversations
February 2017 – “Today” Starts the Night Before!
January 2017 – Looking Behind and Moving Ahead
December 2016 – The Pleasure & Pain of Traveling with Kids
November 2016 – Keeping Attachment Strong During Discipline
October 2016 – Mindfulness for All Ages

2015-2016 school year

May 2016 – Encouraging Empathy
April 2016 – Summer Activities
March 2016 – The Zen of Challenging Behaviors
February 2016 – The Art of Making and Keeping Friends
January 2016 – Modeling Positive Communication
November 2015 – 9 Things You Need to Know About Your Child’s Temperament
October 2015 – Parents Worst Nightmare!

2014-2015 school year

April 2015 – How to Teach Self Calming Tools
March 2015 – The Early Life of the Brain
February 2015 – The Spectrum of Praise
January 2015 – Feelings
December 2014 – It Takes a Village
November 2014 – Circle Back to Self Esteem
October 2014 – Partnership with Seattle Shelters for Homeless Families

2013-2014 school year

April 2014 – Metaphor for Family Connection, Ongoing Fundraisers, Poem for Cesily
March 2014 – Your Child’s Love Language, Positive Discipline Lecture, Remembering Cesily Crowser
February 2014 – Being Family, Repetition
December 2013 – Teaching Kids Self Calming Tools, Diversity in the Classroom, ASKing Saves Kids
November 2013 – Mastering Morning Rush Reflectively, UW Book Sale, Your Child on Your Workday
October 2013 – Unsolicited Advice about Parenting, Separation: Some Survival Tips

2012-2013 school year

May 2013 – Remembering Val Donato, Volunteering to Advocate for Kids, Get Outside
March/April 2013 – Developing Emotional Intelligence, PAC Fundraising Results, Supporting Sibling Relationships, Summer Parent Lecture, Building Strong, Inclusive Communities, Jumpstart Training Details, New Volunteer Opportunities
February 2013 – Do Threats Do Any Good?, NSCC Counseling Services, Volunteer and Internship Opportunities with Victim Support Team at Seattle Police Department.
January 2013 – Helping Children Deal with Tragic Events, Co-op Preschool Openings, Amy Lang presents “4 going on 14”
December 2012 – Play and Love Based Curriculum, University Book Store Fundraiser, Expanding Parent Ed Outreach, Dealing with the Stress of the Holidays
November 2012 – Beyond the Season of Gratitude by Becky Callahan, Parent Ed article; Fundraising options for PAC Scholarships – in need of funds; In Memoriam Suzanne McLaughlin, and more
October 2012 – Why It Doesn’t Work to Make Kids Say They’re Sorry, Separation Survival Tips, Kindergarten Readiness

2011-2012 school year

May 2012 – Ingraham Article, Book Club & Art Escape, Kids and Smart Phones, Talking About Families, Lecture Series
April 2012 – Chores – Avoiding the Wars, Job Openings & Book Club, Art Escape & ASKing Saves Kids, Student Discount Opportunities and School Enrollment, Lecture Series Flyer, Make Ahead Mama’s, May PAC Lecture Flyer
March 2012 – “How to get your child to listen” Parent Education Article, Calendar of Important Dates, Coop Registration Dates, March Raffle Flyer & Info, Seattle Art Museum Fundraising Event, Seattle Public Schools Enrollment Update
February 2012 – Seattle Center FREE Cultural Events Calendar, The Benefits of Coop for 5 Year Olds (article), Calendar of Important Dates, Coop Registration Dates, March Raffle Flyer & Info
January 2012 – Finding Family Flexibility Article, Calendar of Important Dates, Info on Seattle Public Schools, Coop Registration Dates, Preschool Fairs, Flyers on PAC Lecture & University Book Fair Fundraiser
December 2011 – Creating Family Traditions, PAC Lecture Update, Indoor Activity Article, PAC Lecture Flier
November 2011 – Child Passenger Safety, Being Family, Student Advocates for Education
October 2011 – What Drama Can Teach a Child, Separation, Some Survival Tips, Creating Healthy Families by Putting Yourself & Your Relationship First

2010-2011 school year

May 2011 – Spring Cleaning the Metal Clutter, Coop Pictures from 2011, Ingraham Pre-3’s new Teacher, Meadowbrooks 5’s – A Preschool Option
April 2011 – Parenting Preparedness, Calendar, Community Book Read, Val Donato Aware Nominations, Book List
March 2011 – Resources for New Parents, With Praise for Coops, Healthy Home Parent Lecture, Book List
February 2011 – Lessons From the Playdough Table, Soothing Winter Drinks, Healthy Home Parent Lecture, Book List
January 2011 – Dealing with Disappointment, Parenting with Courage & Connection Information, Book List
November 2010 – “Waiting Boxes”, Holiday Help, Children & Grief, Halloween Round-up, Kindergarten Readiness Info, Asking Saves Lives
October 2010 – Hearing and Hearing – Perception in Young Children, Pumpkin Patch Ideas, Creativity Killers, Grief and Loss Event Info, Book Recommendations
September 2010 – Survival Tips For Separation, The “perks” and “downsides” of Parenting, PAC Scholarship update

2009-2010 school year

April/May 2010 – Feeding the Whole Family, Praise, An Adventure With Children and Their Art, The Val Donato Award, Beyond Co-op: Parent Involvement and Continuing Advocacy
March 2010 – What is Positive Discipline, Building Strong Sibling Relationships, Asking Saves Kids, Preschool Teacher Openings
February 2010 – Bigger Scholarships, Beth Goss on Sleep, The Four R’s of Parenting, Fun and Fundraising at Barnes & Noble Bookfair, Preschool Teacher Openings
December 2009 – Dealing with Disappointment, Exploring Leadership and Diversity with Dr. Debra Sullivan, Free Lectures including speakers Vicki Smolke and Cynthia Lair, PAC Scholarship Update
November 2009 – Parent Ed. Celebrates 70th Birthday, How About Evening Coop?, Scholarship Fund Help Needed
October 2009 – Survival Tips for Separation, Parent Picks: Pumpkin Patches, Cold Play, Latona Playground Project, A Growing, Changing Place
September 2009 – Notes from Chair, Cooperative Institutions, Child Care Programs, PAC Scholarship Fund, Staying Healthy, Evening Co-Ops
March 2009 – Sharing Nature, Your Child’s Brain, Gently Used Sale, Grief and Loss
February 2009 – Kindergarten, Power of our Words, Parenting


January 2008 – Sleep, Val Donato Award
February 2008 – Reasons for Co-op, Math
March 2008 – Do Dads Really Matter
April 2008 – Nature, Little Scientist, Birth Order
November 2008 – 70th Birthday, Evening Co-ops, Val Donato Award, Scholarship Help
January 2007 – Rituals and Traditions, Enrollment, The Fence
February 2007 – Choosing a Preschool, Birthday Parties
April 2007 – Vitamin E (Empathy)
November 2007 – Waiting, Brush with death
December 2007 – TV Advertising, Traveling
January 2006 – Enrollment FAQ, Help with Quarelling
March 2006 – Keeping Calm, Why We Wrestle
May 2006 – Bringing Baby Home, Making a Will
October 2006 – Evening Co-ops, Tantrums
January 2005 – Emotional Literacy
February 2005 – Evening Co-ops / PAC 101
March 2005 – Children & Early Advertising Exposure
April 2005 – Child Safety / Preschool Rules
October 2005 – Evening Co-ops
November 2005 – Getting Out in Winter
December 2005
March 2004 – Sibling Rivalry
April 2004 – Relationship Enhancement
October 2004 – Postpartum Disorders & Adjustment Part I
November 2004 – Postpartum Disorders & Adjustment Part II
December 2004 – Time for myself? / School Choice
January 2003 – When Parents Disagree
February 2003 – Evening Co-ops
November 2002 – Never Be Late Again (gaining co-operation)
December 2002 – Rituals & Traditions
Jan 2001 – Keys to Communication
Feb 2001 – Helping Children Feel Secure in Crisis
October 2001 – Starting Preschool
November 2001 – Mealtimes & Family Connection
December 2001 – First Aid Certificaiton / PAC Raffle
January 2000 – Memories & Traditions
March 2000 – Just for Fun
April 2000 – Social Adjustment at Preschool / The Observor Child
October 2000 – Internet Use / Understanding Temperament
November 2000 – Let Rituals Find You / Domestic Violence
January 1999 – Kindergarten 101
March 1999 – Raising an Explorer
September 1999 – Good Stuff for Kids / Painting Ideas
October 1999 – Twins in the Classroom
December 1999 – Judgement Words / For Fun / Toddler Travel

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