PAC Committee

Within the Parent Advisory Committee, we have subcommittees to help divide up the important work PAC does.

Diversity Statement

Across each of these committees and in each North Seattle Cooperative Preschool, we value and celebrate diversity in all of its forms and are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all children, adults, and families. We strive to be welcoming and accessible to all families and reflect the diverse communities of Seattle.

We are committed to taking action against practices, attitudes and behaviors that promote discrimination and exclusion of any type or variation. We are committed to ensure to the best of our ability through policies and procedures that our cooperative preschool settings provide an environment of respect, inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of all children, adults, and families.

North Seattle Parent Cooperative Preschools strive to prepare our children for a diverse and multicultural world in which they will be caring, compassionate and productive citizens.

Education Committee

One critical PAC activity is to provide quarterly parent education seminars and lectures, free to our families and the general public, featuring some of our area’s leading experts on education and childhood development. The Parent Education Committee arranges for speakers to discuss such important topics as sibling rivalry, emotional intelligence, and how to choose a great school for your child and family. The Kindergarten Readiness panel held every other year is a key event planned by this team.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee supports co-ops by training parent coordinators in the entire registration process, and recommends standardized procedures to every coop in the system so that parents can have reliable expectations. It also orchestrates open registration to enroll new children and monitors openings at individual coops in order to assist co-ops that need help to fill those empty slots.

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee supports our co-ops by publicizing co-op events, teacher position openings, and other co-op business. It maintains our web site ( and social media to inform and educate co-op members and the general public about important dates, ideas, related classes and seminars, cooperative preschool solutions and techniques from other preschools, teacher openings, and fundraising opportunities. It also works to promote our preschool program to the outside world, encouraging enrollment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The EDI committee works to recommend and help implement practices that will create a welcoming environment for all the diverse members of our co-op neighborhoods. The committee helps to eliminate barriers to participation for English Language Learners, people of color, students of varying abilities, low-income families, etc. 

Scholarship Committee

Each co-op makes an annual contribution toward the PAC scholarship fund, which helps make the cooperative preschool experience available to families not otherwise able to afford it. Qualifying families receive awards of up to 75% of their co-op tuition. The Scholarship Committee works with parent educators to confidentially evaluate applications and distribute funds. Each year, around 80 families, or 10% of our co-op population, receive scholarship assistance. 100% of the money raised for the scholarship fund goes to tuition assistance.