Loya Heights Co-op Preschool

7706 25th Ave NW
Seattle, WA

We provide a loving, caring environment where children and adults practice respect, cooperation and share an enthusiasm for learning and life!

  • We are a place of play and fun where children develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.
  • We have an appreciation and understanding of diversity.
  • We practice peaceful conflict resolution.
  • We are a small community of big hearts and big spirits!​
​We believe that three to five-year-olds learn best through play. Our teacher prepares a wide variety of topics that stimulate play in order to build social skills and enhance creative and cognitive development. Teacher Marissa believes in her heart and mind that parents and teachers can be natural allies. Our goal is to work together in cooperation, so that we can really build a strong community. It does take a village!​
We allow Babes in Arms.
For more information on our teacher and unique curriculum, visit  loyalheightspreschool.com

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