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About North Seattle College Cooperative Preschools

Started over 50 years ago, the NSC Cooperative Preschool Program offers a warm and gentle introduction to school and community life for young children and their families. Adults and children learn together, grow together, and actively build a community together. NSC’s Cooperative Preschools provide parent and early education for families with children from infancy to Pre-K.

For children, co-op is a safe and nurturing place in which to explore and have fun. Social, emotional and intellectual skills are learned through cooperative and creative play. For parents, it’s a place to improve parenting skills, help shape their child’s first school environment, and form lasting friendships.

Schools are located in North Seattle and differ from traditional preschools in that they are run by parents who work in association with the class teacher and the North Seattle College program.

What Parents Say About Preschool

Preschool is the highlight of my daughter’s week. It is a chance for her to meet other children and interact with other caring adults. There are opportunities to explore activities not usually provided at home and learn new skills in a stimulating and fun environment.
— Parent of a Pre-3s Child
My friends are always amazed at how calm, capable, entertaining and in control I am with groups of young children — especially since I have only one of my own. It certainly doesn’t come naturally — I have four years of co-op to thank!
— Parent of a Pre-K Child
My co-op experience really prepared me to take on a leadership role at my son’s elementary school. It gave me a jump start in so many ways: like knowing how to conduct a small group project and otherwise be an asset (instead of a pain!) to the teacher as a classroom volunteer. Having already worked within one school system, I’m eager and confident to get involved in policy making for this one, too.
— Parent of a Kindergartner

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