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NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool

NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool is a cooperative preschool located on the North Seattle College campus. NorthLeaf offers classes and community for infants to pre-kindergarteners and their families. 

As the heart of the North Seattle Cooperative Preschool Program, our classes attract families from all over Seattle, near and far. We are located a few minutes from the Northgate, Greenwood, and Maple Leaf neighborhoods and within easy reach of the I-5 and the Northgate light rail station for those further away.

NorthLeaf works to facilitate a community of children who are free to wonder, discover, and experience. Our indoor classrooms, with their many windows and high ceilings, give children the room to spread their wings and expand their minds. Our multiple outdoor classrooms help our children grow their bodies and imaginations. Our play-based curriculum allows the innate playful nature of children to be the guide in the process of learning. We strive to cultivate classes that honor diversity by providing a warm, inclusive environment in which children can grow physically, emotionally, and creatively.

The name NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool came about in 2021 after the merger of four amazing and long-standing cooperative preschool programs – Latona, Northeast Seattle Toddlers (NEST), University-Ravenna (U-Ravenna), and On-Campus Infants. Our new name comes from our proximity to the Northgate and Maple Leaf neighborhoods in North Seattle and our location on the North Seattle College campus

Where We Play & Learn 

We have two dedicated indoor classrooms – one for our Infant and Toddler classes and one for our Pre-3s and 3-5s classes.

Both indoor classrooms have large windows, high ceilings, and a spacious open floor plan. They both offer children multiple centers to learn through free-choice play – including art, sensory, dramatic play, motor activities, and library. They both also have an area for Circle Time, when children can enjoy music, singing, movement, and stories.

We have three dedicated outdoor classrooms as well. Our main outdoor classroom is located in a grassy field perfect for running, playing, and setting up and navigating obstacle courses. It has permanent activities such as a playhouse, a large sandbox, multiple climbing structures, a large chalkboard, a pergola with flower boxes, a sound garden, and a slide. 

For rainy days, we have a large covered play area. It has a sandbox, smaller climbing structures, riding toys, and room to run and play outside.

For even more outdoor time when the need arises, we have an extra outdoor classroom where centers – like art, math, and sensory – can be set up.

What to Expect

Cooperative preschool is about involvement. Children attend class each week with their parent, grandparent, or other caregiver to engage in a fun, learning experience.

As the caregiver in class, you get the unique opportunity to play an integral role in your child’s first educational experience. You can expect to work together with other caregivers and the teachers to create a safe, dynamic environment for the children to explore. Basic co-op duties include periodically providing snack for the class, helping with classroom cleanup, participating in school events, and holding a Board, committee, or class position for the year. 

As the caregiver in class, you can expect to…

  • Learn more about child development;
  • Explore your own goals for your family;
  • Deepen your bond with your child;
  • Strengthen your communication and parenting skills.

Learn More

Learn more about our preschool on our website.

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