Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool
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Wednesday 9 – 11 a.m.

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4710 N.E. 70th Street
Seattle, WA 98115

Toddler class at Sandhurst Coop is a unique experience. Each class is an opportunity for parents and their children to explore new things together. Parents have time to observe their own child and others as they interact with each other, and as they interact with the materials at school. Children have ample opportunity to explore their classroom.

Each week children are offered activities that are developmentally appropriate and fun. We work with art materials, sensory materials, books, puzzles, blocks and dolls. The children are also learning about how to deal with other children and to trust other adults.

The emphasis is on social skills.

Our Teacher

Amy Kelsey, or Miss Amy as we call her, started her career as a pre-school teacher at Sandhurst Co-op in 2009 in our pre-3’s class. Starting in the fall of 2015, she took the helm of our Toddlers class as well. Prior to teaching, Amy was involved as a parent in the co-op system for seven years with her two daughters at Olympic Toddlers and University-Ravenna. She has also been a youth soccer coach here in NE Seattle.

Amy believes her primary role as a teacher is to provide a comfortable and creative environment where both children and parents can learn and grow as they separate in a school setting for the first time. Children love learning and exploring under Amy’s guidance, and she loves each minute she spends in class.

Parent Roles

Parents have two main roles in the Toddler class – assistant teachers in the classroom, and learners in their own Parent Education class. Each week half of the parents help with the children while the other half have a parent education discussion. A Parent Educator facilitates this discussion. Parents work with the Parent Educator to generate topics for parent education.

Toddler class is a great time for new parents to meet and form lasting relationships with their child, other children and other parents.

Class details

The Toddler class is for children aged 12 to 23 months (as of August 31).

Tuition is $85 per month.


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