Wedgwood Cooperative Preschool
Age Groups:
September – December:
Monday: 12noon-3pm (1st Monday of month only Pre-K)
Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-12pm
January – June:
Monday: 11-3pm (1st Monday of month only Pre-K)
Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-1pm
Status: Enrollment starts Feb 11
Waiting List: None
Next Year Status: Enrolling
Class Contact Info:

8208 18th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, Wedgwood Co-op 3-5s kids will be attending 4 days a week with the Pre-K (formerly “Monday”) kids. The Pre-K kids will go on field trips on the first Monday of every month.

The program offers a rich, child-centered curriculum based on imaginative play, creativity, and experiential activities. Frequent guests allow us to focus on a topic of interest that each child would like to learn more about. Guests have included an artist, dentist, veterinarian, soccer coaches, tea party queen, firefighters, babies, scientists, bug collector, farmer, dancers, pilot, musicians, gardeners, chefs, bus driver, paleontologist, storyteller, marine biologist, train engineer, and carpenter. We make great memories and capture our children’s unique interests during their special weeks.

The focus in the classroom is on community, and small groups are seen as families gathering for learning activities based on the interest of the children. Wedgwood has an indoor climbing room, giving children an outlet for stretching their minds and muscles and a new play space that provides two levels of play. The 3-5’s Class offers children a safe and exciting place to explore the world.

3-5s Class Teacher – Alicia Aahl

Teacher Alicia engages children in the classroom with full sensory experiences, everything from new foods to gross motor skill courses. She loves to watch kiddos develop confidence in themselves so they can share that with the world.

She is a mother of three and has been in the cooperative system for 7 years. She remembers being in co-op as a child herself and believes in play based learning. 

Time Commitments

  1. 3-5 Parents attend class with their children one day/week and act as assistant teachers
  2. Each parent has a job outside the classroom (For example: class chair, parent coordinator, equipment and repair, class photographer, substitute teacher)
  3. Two or three weekend cleanings of the school per year (takes approximately 1 hour)
  4. Monthly evening parent meeting includes class business and parent education

General 3-5 Class Information

  • Meets
    • September-December:
      • Monday 12noon-3pm (1st Monday of month only Pre-K)
      • Tuesday-Thursday 9am-12pm
    • January-June: 
      • Monday 11-3pm (1st Monday of month only Pre-K).
      • Tuesday-Thursday 9am-1pm
  • Age: 3 or 4 years old by August 31
  • Cost 2022-2023: Tuition $258/month for 3-5s; $275/month for MPre-K + North Seattle College Tuition $52.23/quarter
  • For more information, contact our All School Registrar at

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