Spring into Fall!

Starting school (even co-op) can be a big challenge for many children. Here are some tips to get your year off to a more peaceful year:

  • Arrive to school with plenty of time to get things dropped off, children signed in, etc. Don’t come before the Teacher recommends, but coming in once the day has begun can be really upsetting to many children. Think about your child’s temperament – many might do best to be one of the first children there as it gives them time to settle in and get ready for their work…play! It is also really important to your teacher that you arrive on time if you are a working parent for that day. 
  • Be prompt about pick-ups. Looking up from closing circle and not seeing mom or dad (or whoever is picking up) can be frightening for children. If you come too early though, we might put you to work. 🙂
  • Think high-protein breakfasts. If you have an early riser, make like a hobbit and maybe do a second breakfast in the car or during the walk in. These guys are working hard and they get hungry, fast. 
  • If getting out the door on time is challenging, set things out the night before. Have a consistent place for school items. If getting dressing is the time suck, have them sleep in their school clothes for the next day at night. 
  • While not always the case, many of your kids will be very overwhelmed with what is going on at the start of school. Try to keep evenings and weekends low-key and predictable until it seems like everyone has adjusted some (parents too!). 
  • Consider a family “tradition” of some sort of forum to debrief about everyone’s day (highs and lows at dinner, best part of the day at bedtime (this is not the best time for all kids), sharing something surprising, drawing, two truths and a lie).
  • Finally, go easy on yourself and your child. Even our most intentional and thoughtful plans or ideas for the fall may or may not be what our children needed. Our role as parents and caregivers to provide loving consistency to our children; a soft place to meltdown or fall apart as our children adjust to their new normal for this school year. Fall is a hard time for many but we all know as parents that these challenges too, will pass.