Coronavirus 2020-2021 School Year Update

The Parent Cooperative Preschool program has been working hard to come up with a comprehensive plan for each school, by age and phase, starting in September. The site-specific plans include remote learning and some outdoor play times for certain classes/schools. Find out more about each school’s plans by reviewing this list and contacting the Parent Coordinator email for the class you are interested in. More details about our plans for providing supportive community and education for children and families during this time are below:

How We’ll Adapt:

  • Preschool teachers have plans to provide opportunities for each age and for each Phase 1, 2, 3 moving smoothly from distance to hybrid to in-person. 
  • Outdoor learning times will be expanded.  Families can access teacher led sessions to use on their own time….and creative resources to do together while home.

How We’ll Connect:

  • Children will stay in consistent peer groups through all Phases.
  • Adults will still meet together with their Parent Educator every month via Zoom to share ideas and troubleshoot parenting concerns.
  • Parent Educators will check in with their classes on a weekly basis and will offer individual support, too.

How We’ll Thrive:

  • Because we are small, co-ops can be flexible and responsive.
  • By sticking together during these tough times, we’ll stay together when things open up again…and be stronger parents and families because of it!

How We’ll Stay Safe:

  • We’ll be following all health and safety guidelines out lined by Public Health including daily temperature checks, face masks for all adults, smaller group sizes, and increased cleaning and disinfecting of spaces and materials.