Upcoming Open Houses

Upcoming Open Houses Our co-ops’ open houses and info sessions are a great way to meet teachers and/or current parents and talk about how co-op […]

Podcast Episode: On Gratitude

In this episode, North Seattle College Parent Education Instructors, co-op teachers, Dean of workforce instruction, associate dean, and Parent Education Instructor coordinator come together to […]

Upcoming Lectures February-April

North Seattle Cooperative Preschools Parent Advisory Committee and Madison Park Cooperative Preschool have four upcoming lectures in February through April. Relationship Balancing Act: Me, We, […]

Parent Impostor Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you do not know what you’re doing with your kids? Do you feel like you do not have enough patience? Do you feel like you are not as good as the other parents? Do you feel like you are supposed to enjoy being a parent all the time but you are not? Do you feel like you are an impostor when you are serving on the board? Do you ever worry that you are not the best co-op parent or that you do not know how to be a co-op parent? Have you had any of these feelings?

Articulating our Family Values

For me, questions like these conjure up memories of workplace retreats, trust falls, and “yay team” sorts of motivational talks. They are the types of guiding questions that formal groups- nonprofits, corporations, etc- may turn to as they seek to establish a shared vision. Interestingly, they are also the types of questions that an increasing number of families are asking themselves as they seek to jointly define their values and their expectations. […]

Protecting Routine During the Holiday Season

This time of year can be a lot of fun and very exciting for young children. It can also be challenging for parents as we try to strike a balance between holiday activities and bedtimes and routines.

Here a few different philosophies to help this busy season go more smoothly. Perhaps one will resonate with you or you might think of another option: […]

Summer Co-ops on NSC Campus

Continuing and new co-op students are welcome in our summer classes!  Please pass the word to friends and family.  All classes are held on campus […]

Woodland Park Summer Co-op

Want to keep on with co-op this summer? Check out the Woodland Park Summer Co-op, offering nine two-week sessions throughout June, July and August! Class time spent […]

Parent Circle Class

The Parenting Circle Class at our local Shelters works to build community and create space for parents who are dealing with the many challenges of […]

Val Donato Award Nominations

Attention Co-op Members! Please consider nominating a parent educator for the Val Donato award this spring. This award is presented in recognition of exceptional work […]

Now Hiring: University-Ravenna 3-5s

  University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool Teacher Opening University-Ravenna Cooperative Preschool is looking for a caring, creative, and enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about cooperative education to […]