In this episode, North Seattle College Parent Education Instructors, co-op teachers, Dean of workforce instruction, associate dean, and Parent Education Instructor coordinator come together to send a message of gratitude. We encourage you to a challenge of gratitude for a month.  Have a gratitude journal to write all the reasons you are grateful for, make a gratitude list, gratitude poems, or text/call someone for a month to give gratitude.

Research shows that incorporating the practice of gratitude strengthens the heart, mind, and soul.  Visit our to see references to research about gratitude practices.
Arya, 14 years old, reads the labor acknowledgment.

Thank you to all the participants who participated in the creation of this episode.


Why is important to have a gratitude mason jar/box?
Taking time to appreciate those moments of joy helps you change your negativity-biased mind.
It helps us cherish joy in life and yourself.
Please make your gratitude jar and send pictures of your gratitude jar.  I challenge you to be grateful for a month.  Observe how you feel after a week, two weeks and three and four weeks.  I want to hear your stories/experiences.  
What you need to make a Gratitude Jar:
  • 1 jar/box
  • Ribbon to decorate and glue (please watch the video below on how to make your own home glue)
  • Paper for writing gratitude notes on
  • Gratitude
Please remember that I am here for you to listen to you or for resources.  You are not alone.

Hardwiring Happiness TEDx Talk

The Practical Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness by Rick Hanson

Engrudo (making your own glue)

Here is the book that I recommend for your children or the classroom.  You can find it at Estelita’s Library that supports a local bookstore: