Wedgwood Co-op seeking Part-time Preschool Teacher for 2023-2024

Seeking Part-Time Preschool Teacher for 2023-24 School Year


Wedgwood Cooperative Preschool is now accepting teacher applications for its 3-5s class for the 2023-24 school year. From September – December, the class meets Monday from Noon – 3:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday 9:00am – Noon; then from January through June meets Monday 11am – 3pm and Tuesday through Thursday 9am – 1pm. Teacher also attends a monthly board meeting and an evening parent meeting.


Desired Qualifications: 

  • AA or higher degree in Early Childhood Education or related college degree
  • Prior experience teaching preschool-age children
  • Commitment to providing an anti-bias, developmentally appropriate curriculum and to the values of equity & inclusion in working with children and families
  • Previous cooperative school experience preferred



  • A competitive salary based on education and previous experience ($2600 to $2800 per month, for 10 months)
  • Ten month schedule that follows the Seattle Public Schools schedule for breaks  
  • Small class ratio of 1:4 (with typically 4-5 working parents in classroom daily)
  • Paid sick days and holidays
  • Opportunities for professional development through classes/seminars paid for by the Cooperative
  • Ample inventory of engaging supplies and equipment
  • Inviting outdoor play space


How to Apply: 

If interested, please send a cover letter that includes your teaching philosophy, resume, and references to 


Priority Deadline is January 22, 2023. 

Applications accepted until position is filled.

Full Job Description here.

Preschool Carnival

Did you know that North Seattle College works with co-op preschools all over Seattle? From Meadowbrook to Rainier Valley, we’ve got you, and your friends, covered! See all of our locations here.
We’re hosting a Co-op Preschool Carnival on February 11th, 2023 at NSC—a fun family event for all and a chance for families thinking about preschool for next year to see how amazing co-op preschool is for kids and parents alike.
At the event, there will be singalongs with our amazing teachers, fun activities for the kids, and a bake sale to raise scholarship funds. Parents will also have a chance to chat with representatives from each participating school.
The event will be 10am-12pm on the North Seattle Campus in the College Center building Room CC1161.

PCPE summer camp – campamiento de verano 2023

PCPE summer

Campamiento de verano

¡La inscripción ya está abierta para el campamento de verano de este año! Visita Jovial para enviar tu registro. (Las familias actuales pueden iniciar sesión en el Family Portal y enviar su formulario allí).

Summer Camp

Registration is now open for this year’s summer camp! Visit Jovial to submit your registration. (Current families may log in to the Family Portal and submit their form from there.)

Last updated: May 16th, 2023, 10:00 pm

PCPE Seattle

We are a Spanish-language co-op preschool in Seattle and a community of parents, teachers, and friends.

PCPE is a monolingual Spanish cooperative preschool that provides a safe, nurturing and rich learning environment for both parents and children, encouraging and supporting the whole child and his/her development process in the context of community and in celebration of diverse Latino cultures.

PCPE is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is affiliated with the North Seattle College Preschool Parent Education Program.

Last updated: April 17th, 2023, 08:44 pm

Podcast Episode: Relationships after children with Beth Goss

Beth Goss Relationships After ChildrenIn this episode, Tania speaks with Beth Goss (she/her) about relationships after children.

Beth has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1989. She has been a preschool teacher, an administrator, and a teacher trainer, and is currently a full-time, tenured parent education instructor at North Seattle College. Beth is also a Certified Gottman Educator and Training Specialist with the Gottman Institute. She can be reached for workshop facilitation, speaking engagements, and consulting at

Podcast episode: Lauren Leedy on Parents, Children, and Nutrition

Lauren LeedyTania talks to Lauren about nutrition.
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Lauren Leedy specializes in creating unique strategies and solutions for the busiest of people to meet their personal health goals. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Lauren has experience across a wide variety of settings and patient populations, including five years in pediatrics.  She now owns her 100% virtual nutrition practice based out of Seattle.  She believes that changes don’t last unless they are realistic, and she holds a unique toolbox of ideas to take the guesswork out of healthy eating. Lauren is a busy mom known for her 15-minute meal hacks, tried and true product recommendations, and ability to share the science of nutrition in a clear, understandable manner.

Podcast Episode: Kyle Boyd on the importance of exercise and sports with children

Tania talks to Kyle about the importance of exercise and sports with children.

Kyle Boyd is a former teacher who is leading fan development for the Seattle Kraken. He took on this new role after eight years of teaching history and social studies and is on a mission to ensure access to hockey for nontraditional hockey communities throughout Greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Kyle grew up in Eden Prairie, MN, and started playing skating at the age of four. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in History in 2012 he joined Teach for America in St. Louis, MO. After his time in TFA Kyle taught at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge MA, as well as Lakeside School in Seattle. As a classroom teacher and coach, he has seen firsthand the power of connecting with kids through sport. He sees hockey to encourage youth to step outside of their comfort zone and use on-ice and off-ice experiences to impart life lessons. The Seattle Kraken will be the 32nd team in the National Hockey League and have recently completed the Kraken Community Iceplex their practice and community rinks in Seattle. Kraken Community Iceplex will serve as a hub for youth hockey programming in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Region and will be the largest NHL practice facility within a major cities’ limits. This year Kyle has led efforts to market the team to new hockey fans, and engaged local school districts, community nonprofits, and after-school partners to bring hockey to communities new to the game. As Fan Development leads for the Kraken he oversees the work of building a diverse and avid fan base across the state and region. Kyle is excited to work with a variety of community partners to address the gap in equity and access around the sport of hockey. When he is not focused on hockey, Kyle enjoys films (especially documentaries) and is still an avid historian. Kyle lives in North Seattle with his wife Archi, and the two were married in October of 2019.

Spring Lecture: Raising Good Eaters and Creating Positive Mealtime Experiences

Please join us in an interactive workshop led by Dr. Cristen Harris to learn how to raise good eaters.

The Satter Division of Responsibility is an evidence-based model that helps parents build positive mealtime experiences, and joyful eating and feeding habits with their children.

The Satter model is based on the principle that children have a natural ability with eating. Children eat as much as they need, grow in the way that is right for them, and learn to eat the food their parents enjoy. The Satter model can help parents bring up children who feel good about their bodies, and who approach meals and snack time with enthusiasm and confidence. [1] In this workshop, Dr. Harris will lead us in understanding the Satter model and building our knowledge on how to approach meals and snacks with our children in a supportive, healthy way.

As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the Satter Feeding Dynamics and Eating Competence models as primary tools in supporting children’s eating capabilities
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the parent/caregiver and child in the Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding
  • Explain how the structure of meals and snacks supports children’s eating and can reduce child feeding problems
  • Identify how to preserve a positive feeding-eating relationship amidst typical child eating behaviors, e.g., “picky” eating.

Register to attend


Dr. Cristen Harris is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Nutritional Sciences Program and Department of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington where she engages learners in a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate courses including nutrition in chronic disease, nutrition education, physical activity in health and disease, introductory and advanced nutrition, and maternal and pediatric nutrition. As an experienced educator, practitioner, and former program administrator, she brings three decades of skills to the classroom from various settings including clinical care, fitness and rehabilitation, community health, and private practice. She also serves as the principal investigator and faculty advisor on a Maternal and Child Health Bureau training grant at UW.

Dr. Harris is active in several professional organizations including the Ellyn Satter Institute, the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Sports and Human Performance Nutrition dietetic practice group. She serves as a virtual volunteer faculty member at the Ellyn Satter Institute, whose mission is to “transform lives” by furthering the Satter models for positive and joyful eating and feeding. In this role, Dr. Harris offers presentations, webinars, workshops, consultation, and supervision to healthcare professionals who wish to incorporate the models into their practice. She also maintains a small but robust private practice, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, child feeding issues, and eating incompetence. Dr. Harris is passionate about facilitating paradigm shifts in how individuals, the public, professionals, and policymakers interpret challenges with eating, feeding, and moving.

In her “down” time, Dr. Harris loves hiking and sailing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, playing and listening to music, and spending time with her fun-loving, musically-talented and artistic family, including three children ages 11, 16, and 19; and an endlessly supportive partner.


Upcoming Open Houses

Upcoming Open Houses

Our co-ops’ open houses and info sessions are a great way to meet teachers and/or current parents and talk about how co-op works, what’s unique about each location, and more. You can also view our Calendar to see them by date.

We will continue to add open houses as we receive information. Please check our calendar also.

Crown Hill

Podcast Episode: RVCP Teachers on Social Coaching

Tania Talks to Teachers from Rainier Valley Coop Preschool about Social Coaching  


Julie Zindle | Over the last 17 years of working in many models of Early Childhood Education, I’ve discovered what appeals to me most about the co-op model, and RVCP in particular is that we—children, parents, and teachers—are all contributing and learning together. 

Because the family is the young child’s first and most important teacher, and because RVCP is truly a family-centered program, I am better equipped to understand, plan for and support children as they begin this initial entry into the larger world outside of home. I feel passionately about offering children a place where it is safe to be all of who they are – their funniest charming self and their most fearful angry self. Here is where they get to practice the skills that will support them, as they become problem solvers, friends, and members of a community. 

I find the title of “Teacher” to be a very ill-fitting descriptor of the work I do at Rainier Valley Co-op. The terms: “Learner” “Team Member” “Supporter” are closer to reality because we truly are a community of learners. All of us, adults and children alike, show up each day to grow and strengthen who we are in our roles and in our lives. As a parent I lurch and stumble, and occasionally even glide along, but being a member of such a supportive and caring community has helped me to remember that each challenge is an opportunity for reflection, addressing a need, learning a new skill, and/or deepening a relationship. 



Cecelia Linsley | Both of my children have been very shy and slow to warm to strangers, especially when they were very young. With my first, there were people who would ask me, “What’s wrong with her?” And I would think, “Really?! NOTHING is wrong with her!” So it was a relief to start at RVCP where she was accepted for who and what she was/is. 


No one thought it was strange at all that she wouldn’t talk to an adult for the first year. Her need to get comfortable at her own pace was recognized and supported not just by the teachers but by every adult in the classroom. And that’s where my love and passion for RVCP began. I love that every child gets to be their own true self. Even though when I started as a parent I had no idea how it would work, I love that we don’t make kids share or say they’re sorry. I love that being at our preschool has made me a better parent. Now, as a teacher at our preschool, I am loving how our low child to adult ratio lets me get to know each child and build a relationship with them. I am loving that I get the opportunity to discover what challenges each child, what engages them, what makes them light up. I love that moment when a child does something unexpected or has a breakthrough of some kind and I catch another grown-up’s eye (Julie’s, Lauren’s, or a working grown-up’s) and yeah, they saw it, too! We have something pretty darn special going on here at RVCP and I am grateful to be a part of it. 




Lauren Graham | I first came to RVCP as a parent and found the philosophy, community, and parent education to be invaluable to my family. As a teacher, I value the work that we do at RVCP because we have an environment where all children and grown-ups belong.  

I love that every kid gets to be an active participant in our community by solving problems, bringing new ideas, and by showing us what they need to feel safe and grow. I want kids to feel supported at school. When kids are able to independently explore our space and interact with peers they are their most curious, creative, and thoughtful selves. I find so much joy in watching kids work hard to master a difficult skill and feel proud of their work. Most of all, I feel grateful every day to be able work with a talented team of teachers, engaged parents, and amazing kids. 

Podcast Episode: Heather Harman on Co-parenting and separation

Tania talks to Heather Harman about co-parenting and separation.
Heather’s coaching is informed by my other roles in life, as a parent, an educator, an activist, and a woman on a never-ending search for meaning, connection, expression, knowledge, life experiences, culinary and travel adventures, artistry, and more. Heather is on a mission to empower people, serve my LGBTQIA+ community, and help kids reach their full potential by helping parents reach theirs.



Heather Harman’s website:
Karen Bonnell (this is my mentor who I have trained with):

Podcast Episode: Monica Harris on the importance of music in early education

Monica Harris on Parenting Takes a VillageMonica Harris has been teaching for over 25 years: first by teaching folks how to sing, and then later fell in love with teaching Co-op! She has a Bachelor’s of Music from the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, as well as a Master’s in VocalPerformance and Pedagogy from Roosevelt University. She, along with her two children, participated in cooperative preschool for 7 years before becoming a teacher. Monica designs the curriculum and helps manage the classroom activities, and circle time is her specialty. She is very tuned-in with each and every student and allows for class flexibility based on each student’s abilities and energies. Kids love her Huggy-Boo!

Podcast Episode: Melanie Kay on Parent Involvement in School

In this Episode, Tania talks to Melanie about Parent Involvement in School.

Melanie Kay was born and raised in Idaho and attended Utah State University (go Aggies!) where she earned a bachelor’s and teaching certificate in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. She taught child development, cooking, sewing, and financial literacy to students in grades 8-12 for two years before meeting her husband and uprooting to Seattle; quite the change! Fast forward 9 years and now Melanie enjoys baking cakes, sewing quilts, teaching piano lessons, and being a full-time mom to four kids under 8. She loves being a part of the coop community and the associations nurtured there.

Podcast Episode: Megan Wiebelhaus on The Division of Household Labor

In this episode, Tania talks to Megan Wiebelhaus, LMHCA.
Megan Wiebelhaus, LMHCA is a therapist working with teens and adults with ADHD, Autism, high sensitivity, and high intelligence. In her over six years of mental health work, she’s: helped teens and adults struggling with addiction, taught classes on assertiveness and self-esteem, supported foster care kids and their caregivers, worked with clients one-on-one in school and camps, and even facilitated a Dungeons & Dragons social skills group! She started Megan Wiebelhaus Therapy in 2021. Megan lives in Seattle with her spouse, two children, and her abiding desire for a cat. She likes book clubs, new recipes, smart conversations, public speaking, and finally finding enough time to organize her closet.


Books on Time Management for ParentsTime To Parent, Julie Morgenstern;I Know How She Does It, Laura Vanderkam

Resources on Division of Household LaborFair Play, Eve Rodasky; How Not To Hate Your Husband After You Have Kids, Jancee Dunn;

Why Women Do the Household Worrying, Jessica Grose, The Atlantic

Fair Play Card Definitions


Podcast Episode: Children are NOT small adults

Tami Brockway JoyceTami Brockway Joyce (she/her) is a parent educator, actor, podcast host, community activist, small business owner, and all around dilettante, though raising her two kids is her favorite vocation.  She has a bachelors of arts in Theatre from the University of Washington, is a graduate of The Brian Utting School of Massage, the Seattle Midwifery School (now the Bastyr Simkin Center) birth doula training and the Foundation for Healthy Family Living infant massage instructor program. Catch her comedy podcast, The BROADcast with The Famous Filson Sisters wherever you listen to podcasts. 


Tami’s podcast: The BROADcast with The Famous Filson Sisters

Podcast Episode: On Gratitude

In this episode, North Seattle College Parent Education Instructors, co-op teachers, Dean of workforce instruction, associate dean, and Parent Education Instructor coordinator come together to send a message of gratitude. We encourage you to a challenge of gratitude for a month.  Have a gratitude journal to write all the reasons you are grateful for, make a gratitude list, gratitude poems, or text/call someone for a month to give gratitude.

Research shows that incorporating the practice of gratitude strengthens the heart, mind, and soul.  Visit our to see references to research about gratitude practices.
Arya, 14 years old, reads the labor acknowledgment.

Thank you to all the participants who participated in the creation of this episode.


Why is important to have a gratitude mason jar/box?
Taking time to appreciate those moments of joy helps you change your negativity-biased mind.
It helps us cherish joy in life and yourself.
Please make your gratitude jar and send pictures of your gratitude jar.  I challenge you to be grateful for a month.  Observe how you feel after a week, two weeks and three and four weeks.  I want to hear your stories/experiences.  
What you need to make a Gratitude Jar:
  • 1 jar/box
  • Ribbon to decorate and glue (please watch the video below on how to make your own home glue)
  • Paper for writing gratitude notes on
  • Gratitude
Please remember that I am here for you to listen to you or for resources.  You are not alone.

Hardwiring Happiness TEDx Talk

The Practical Neuroscience of Lasting Happiness by Rick Hanson

Engrudo (making your own glue)

Here is the book that I recommend for your children or the classroom.  You can find it at Estelita’s Library that supports a local bookstore:

Podcast Episode: Matt McKenzie on Respectful Communication with Children

Tania Hino talks to Matt McKenzie about respectful communication with children.

I am an experienced educator with more than fifteen years’ experience teaching in the preschool setting. I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education and currently work as the director of PRLC Preschool in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. I’ve done guest lectures at North Seattle College in their ECE department on the topics of curriculum implementation and administrative roles in the field. Besides my full-time job, I work on several projects that include student support at NSC and a program called My Brother’s Teacher – an organization aimed at increasing the number of men of color in the field of Early Childhood Education. I was born and raised in Seattle and my wife and I have two young children of our own: Cameron (2.5) and Maya (4 months). I’m passionate about creating systems to ensure every child gets the best start in life and is equipped with the skills and tools they need to thrive. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking and exploring outdoors, and cooking. 

Podcast Season 2: Episode 1: Teaching CHildren Empathy with Kate Barratt

Kate BarrattTania Hino talks to Kate Barratt about teaching children empathy.

Kate has B.A. in Early Childhood and Family Studies from the University of Washington, Master in teaching from the University of Washington, and with a Certificate in e-Learning and Instructional Design.

Kate is an innovative educator and instructional leader. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she has found her forever home in the PNW with her family. Prior to joining Meridian, she taught third and fourth grade and was an instructional technology/curriculum lead. Guided by her principle of always putting students first, Kate is excited to have joined the Meridian family’s SEL faculty. At home, you can find Kate chasing a very active two year old and taking long walks around Wallingford with her husband and dog, usually with a stop for ice cream.

Please see below for Kate’s book list recommendations.  


Children’s books about empathy and kindness

A Kid’s Books about Empathy


NorthLeaf 3-5s

About NorthLeaf 3-5s and Pre-K

Children have a natural ability to learn and grow through play. As they explore the world around them through their play, they begin to find their place in it. The 3-5s Class encourages a child’s natural curiosity through its play-based curriculum, sunlit classroom setting, and spacious outdoor play areas. 
The 3-5s Class is for children who will be between 3 and 5 years old by August 31st. The class is taught by Teacher Apurva and meets three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
Each class includes…
  • Welcome circle time featuring student-led activities, songs, movement, and an overview of the activities that will be available during free play;
  • Free play at the various centers in the classroom – including art, sensory, dramatic play, block, fine motor manipulative, library, and more; 
  • Small group and snack time;
  • Large motor play in the outdoor play areas;
  • Closing circle time featuring songs, stories, and more student-led activities to say goodbye.
The 3-5s Class also has an additional Pre-K Class extended day program for children who will be 4 years old by August 31st. Our Pre-K students stay in class for an extra hour, getting individualized lessons tailored to their abilities and practicing their kindergarten-readiness skills.

Teacher Apurva

Apurva Bahukhandi teaches our Pre-3s and 3-5s Classes. She has a PhD in Social Work, with experience working with children in educational and therapy environments. She has been active in the North Seattle College cooperative preschool system since 2012, first as a parent and now as a teacher. She strives to provide a class environment that is consistently secure and inclusive. She believes that emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning, which is why she brings love, laughter, passion, and meaningful projects into her classes. Read more.

Learn More

Learn more about our 3-5s Class on our website.

Last updated: March 22nd, 2023, 03:25 pm

Podcast Episode 13: Modeling – How to be an Antiracist, with Betty Williams

Betty Williams


Betty S. Williams, MSW, NSC Parent Education Instructor/Program Coordinator

Betty is a determined advocate for racial justice and anti-bias work in order to create a more welcoming environment for children and families to thrive. She considers herself to be an accomplice with others also working towards justice, with an understanding that listening and being proximate with those most impacted by injustice and oppression is crucial to justice work. Learning when to be humble and step back to follow the lead of those most impacted, and when to effectively leverage her access to resources & power (as a white person) to speak up for change is a lifelong learning process.

Betty has a BA in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, Tennessee. She received an MSW with an emphasis in working with children and families from the University of Washington. Betty worked in the child care fieldfor many years as an infant, toddler and preschool teacher, program supervisor, and center director; during which time shehelped found and served on the board of the Child Care Directors Association of Greater Seattle. She taught Early Childhood Education and Parent Education Classes as a part-time instructor at Edmonds Community College and Seattle Central Community College. Since 2004, Betty has been working as a full-time tenured instructor in Parent Education at North Seattle College. She coordinates the program as well as teaches 4 classes, and is active in the equity, diversity and inclusion work of the campus, including co-chairing the Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the Seattle Colleges District. She has served as co-chair of the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) Seattle Human and Civil Rights Committee and on the AFT Washington Human and Civil Rights Committee. She co-chaired the Racial Justice Team at University Unitarian Church for many years. 

Betty has presented (with a multicultural team) at local and national conferences about her work with the Seattle Colleges District and a statewide group, DEHPD (Diversity and Equity in Hiring and Professional Development) regarding strategies to change hiring and retention practices with goals of racial equity and improved diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education institutions, which the research shows improves student success for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and white students.

She received the Seattle Colleges District Lifelong Learning award, the Charles Kane Award for Innovation, AFT Washington Hugo Chavez award, the Simposio de MujeresLatinas Ally award, and the Donato Award for parenting education excellence.

Betty is committed to working towards a supportive, diverse, inclusive, and equitable community as the best way for all children to grow, learn, and fulfill their potential as caring citizens of the world.

Podcast Episode 11: Unstructured play with Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy


Tania talks to Teacher Karen about the power of unstructured free play.  

Karen Murphy has been a teacher at Meadowbrook Cooperative Preschool for the past six years, but her experience in coop started 4 years prior as a parent. Karen has a BS in kinesiology, the study of human movement with an emphasis on motor development. She likes to bring lots of movement and play into her classroom and believes strongly in the power of unstructured free play. Before being a coop teacher, she taught preschool in Arizona and managed an after-school program in Connecticut. She lives in Seattle with her husband, daughters, fish, cats, and chickens.




Not a Box
Curious Kids Science- Asia Citro
A Little Bit of Dirt- Asia Citro
Screen Free Activities- Asia Citro
Raising a Rock Star Reader (for parents)- Allison McDonald
Setting the stage for Rock Star Readers (for teachers) – Allison McDonald
Playful Parenting

Podcast Episode 10: On the Importance of Teachers of Color with Charisma Joy Ross


In this episode, Tania talks to Charisma Joy Ross about the Importance of having Teachers of Color.

Charisma Joy Ross was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is the wife of Reid, the mother of two girls and the daughter of Panamanian immigrants. She holds a B.A. in English and a J.D., where she had a special interest in Family Law during her time in grad school. Her family ventured to Seattle, Washington at the end of 2019 and have been enjoying the Pacific Northwest. She is thankful for the community of the Latona Co-op, and hopes to be the type of person who does justice, loves kindness, and walks humbly with her God. 



1. Seizing Freedom (podcast) quote from Robert Hamilton, editor of the Weekly Anglo-African

NPR Articles

1. To Get To College, It Helps Black Students To Have A Black Teacher Early On by Mayowa Aina
January 11, 2019
2. Research Paper from National Bureau of Economic Research (referenced in NPR article) multiple researchers see link to paper 
The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers
3. Having Just One Black Teacher Can Keep Black Kids In School
by Anya Kamenetz April 10, 2017

The Atlantic Article

1. Why Schools Need More Teachers of Color—for White Students
Nonwhite educators can offer new and valuable perspectives for children of all backgrounds.
by Melinda D. Anderson
 August 6, 2015

Podcast Episode 9: Sensory Processing with Frances Coppa

Frances Coppa


In this Episode, Tania talks to Frances Coppa about Sensory Processing.
Frances has been working in the field of education for 20 years.  She has been an elementary teacher, a special education teacher, an administrator, a co-op preschool parent and currently is the coordinator for Shoreline Community College co-ops and a parent educator at North Seattle College.  

Frances discovered parent education when she took a break from working in public elementary schools to focus on the work of raising 2 fierce, kind, and curious daughters.  In this role, she learns alongside families, offering support and compassion through the ups and downs of parenting.  She can be reached for speaking engagements and consulting at .

Podcast Episode 8: Mindful Parenting with Erin Bernau

Erin Bernau


In this Episode, Tania talks to Erin Bernau about Mindful Parenting.
Erin B. Bernau, MSW, LICSW, is a licensed clinical social worker with more than sixteen years of experience working with children and families. She works as a psychotherapist at Northwest Family Therapy, as a parent coach with Sarina Natkin Parenting, and as a parent educator through North Seattle College’s cooperative preschools. In recent years, she worked as a parent educator at Seattle Central College’s Parent/Child Center and as a facilitator for Listening Mothers groups.

Opening for Teacher at Sandhurst Co-op Preschool 3-5 class

Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool
NOW HIRING for 2021-2022

Join our little preschool on its big mission – learn through play, build community + grow as parents!

3 to 5’s Teaching Position Available

3 to 5’s Schedule:
● Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9am-12pm (Wednesday and Thursday outdoors)
● Classes currently run Sept through mid June and follow the SPS holiday calendar
● Average hours per week: 14 to 16
● Additional hours per month: 4 to 7 (including board meeting, parent meeting, and
extracurricular activities)

Required Qualifications:
● Experience developing and implementing an age-appropriate, play-based curriculum
● Excellent communication skills with children and adults
● Energetic, enthusiastic, and warm personality.
● Comfort with working with children and parents in a diverse cooperative classroom setting.
● A desire to be part of an inclusive, dynamic, community-based program.
● Submitting to ADA requirements, including being able to lift and carry 35-60 lbs.
● CPR Certification
Preferred Qualifications:
● An early childhood education background and/or experience in a preschool setting
● Prior experience teaching preschool-age children
● Previous cooperative school experience
We Offer:
● A competitive salary range
● Opportunities for growth
● Enthusiastic parent support in a well-established school with a strong cooperative community
● A large, well-equipped facility in the great NE Seattle neighborhood of View Ridge
● An all-inclusive environment which values diversity and each individual in our community

Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool

Job Description
The teacher’s role in our parent cooperative program requires working closely with both the parents
and their children. The teacher provides an environment for children to grow emotionally,
intellectually, socially, and physically. They also provide the parents with direction and serve as a
model for working with young children. The teacher will:
● Plan and implement an age and developmentally-appropriate play-based curriculum which
maintains the high standards of Sandhurst Co-op Preschool
● Plan a variety of first-hand experiences that will enhance and encourage children’s
independence, self-help abilities, and social/emotional as well as cognitive development
● Establish a predictable but flexible schedule and environment that allows children a balance of
active and quiet play, providing smooth transitions between activities
● Be flexible and adaptable to the times in which we live, i.e. create and implement a virtual
curriculum when necessary
● Utilize the outdoor environment beyond school grounds to enhance curriculum
● Share/communicate curriculum with parents on a daily, weekly and monthly basis via email, in
person and in our newsletter. Orient parents to the role of assistant teacher. Supervise parents
in the daily operation of the classroom.
● Listen and respond to children at their level with the utilization of positive guidance techniques
● Take responsibility for organizing, setting up, and putting away materials and resources for the
children’s activities before and after class
● Spend class time observing, interacting, and participating in activities with children
● Demonstrate best practices in classroom activities
● Utilize both the indoor and outdoor classroom spaces on a regular basis
● Work closely with all other Sandhurst Co-op teachers to create and operate a high quality,
cohesive educational program
● Attend monthly class-by-class parent meetings, monthly All School Board meetings, and
extracurricular school-wide events (3 to 5 events per year)
● Make recommendations to the All School Board for purchasing equipment and supplies for the
● Follow Health and Safety guidelines included in the Risk Management Manual
● Submit to ADA requirements, including being able to lift and carry 35-60 pounds
● Serve as a team member, along with the Parent Educator and child’s parent, to develop
individual goals for each child as necessary.
● Develop a yearly professional development plan to share with the parent education instructor
and the All School Board at the September board meeting
● Attend workshops, classes, and/or observe other programs to improve teaching skills and
broaden the curriculum

Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool

TO APPLY: Send applications to

Application packet should include:
1) Letter of introduction
2) Resume
3) A sample lesson plan
4) 2-3 professional references with contact information.
Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with the North Seattle College cooperative preschool
system. We are an EOE employer and do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, color,
sexual orientation, gender identity, or national or ethnic origin, and welcome applicants with diverse
backgrounds. Please note that we are not an ADA accessible facility.

Podcast Episode 7: Helping Children Deal with Fear, with Emily Bradley

Emily Bradley


In this episode, Tania talks to Emily Bradley about helping children deal with fear.

Emily Bradley is an educator, facilitator, entrepreneur and mother. For nearly a decade, she has been a Parent Education instructor with North Seattle College. In this role, she is committed to building communities of support and empowering families to find their own path through parenting. She teaches and learns alongside parents and their children in Seattle Co-op Preschools as well as Family Shelters for families experiencing homelessness. 

She first unlocked the synergy between performing arts and education while working with the parent education and community benefit department at Kaiser Permanente. In 2016, she opened the doors to the Little Fish Swim School, pairing her work in Child Development  and her long time expertise in helping children learn to love and be safe in the water. With 2 Seattle locations, the swim school serves more than 300 swimmers of varying abilities a year, guiding them to face their fears in the water, and carry that confidence into the world. 

Emily holds a BFA in theater, education and psychology from the Tisch School at New York University. She is trained in Positive Discipline and Executive Function Coaching. In 2015, she received the Val Donato award for Parent Education recognizing excellence in teaching and building community for children, families, and teachers. 

Emily’s biggest gift is in building connection and comfort for all she encounters. When not teaching in the pool or classroom you’ll most likely find her chasing her 3 boys along a PNW shoreline or working on her own her mindfulness practice, grounding her in growing as a parent to that brood of wild boys.

For more information on “The Little FIsh Swim School” please visit

Podcast Episode 6: Raising children Bilingual with Antoinette Angulo


In this episode, Tania talks to Antoinette about raising your kid bilingual

Antoinette Angulo is a mother, wife, public health practitioner, and activist in Seattle, WA. Having worked with Latinx populations in the U.S. and in Latin America for over 25 years in clinical and community health settings, she is experienced in developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and multimedia health promotion strategies including radio novelas, liberation theatre, photovoice, and digital storytelling. She is passionate about building a rich and nourishing multilingual and multicultural community ecosystem in which her bilingual and bicultural daughter can thrive.


Podcast Episode 5: Bilingualism in Children with Lea Evans

In this episode, Tania speaks with Parent Educator Lea Evans.
Lea Evans has been a Parent Educator for North Seattle College for the past three years. She has a master’s degree in applied linguistics, essentially the study of language and pedagogy in language acquisition. She has previously taught both English and Spanish and has also worked in college advising. She felt drawn start learning Spanish as a teenager because it had skipped her dad’s generation in her own family. She sees language is an important connection to family and culture, and also feels a second language can be a window to other perspectives and cultures around the world. Now Lea is doing her best to pass bilingualism on to her child, much to her grandmother’s delight. To this end, her little one attended the PCPE Spanish language cooperative preschool and is now in a dual immersion program in Seattle Public Schools. As a parent educator, she’s pleased to be supporting four cooperative preschool classes, including one that is taught in Spanish with Northeast Seattle Toddlers, and is thankful for the chance to work with phenomenal teachers and amazing families!
Entre Dos Podcast –



Resources and Recommendations

Bilingual Edge

Spring 2021 Online Classes: Register Now

Understanding Children: Changing Learning Environments

Changing Learning Environments Co-op families Flyer


One is for anyone who’s interested in figuring out how to help kids (and ourselves) get back to in-person activities, and the other is specifically for past and current co-op families who are either missing the supportive community of coop or would like access to more support.

Understanding Children 21101 FAM 184-D1 will be an asynchronous class where you’ll have an opportunity to talk and learn about reintegration after the pandemic. We’re designing it to help support adults and children with the transition back to in-person learning.
Understanding Children 21102 FAM 184-D2 is a class specially designed for current and past coop families. We will do some of the work asynchronously online, and we’ll have opportunities to meet on Zoom together for discussions throughout the quarter. The focus will also be the transition back to in-person learning. 
Please consider joining us in either, or both, of these classes this April. These are both 5 credit classes, and you can choose to audit if you’re concerned about workload, although most of the assignments will be class discussions to support one another.
Contact Beth Goss with questions

Upcoming Lectures February-April

North Seattle Cooperative Preschools Parent Advisory Committee and Madison Park Cooperative Preschool have four upcoming lectures in February through April.

Relationship Balancing Act: Me, We, Family & COVID

February 25th, hosted by NSC PAC

by Joni Parthemer, M.Ed, ICCE, IAT, CGE
Learn to:
-Identify reasons why relationships may be stressed
-Understand 3 points needed to keep relationships strong
-Use conflict regulation skills and strategies
-Access and practice relationship-enhancing exercises

Conscious Parenting: Teaching Young Children Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

February, March, and April, hosted by Madison Park Cooperative Preschool

MPCP is hosting this three part, anti-bias speaker series in an effort to provide a forum for education and discussion for parents of young children as well as anyone hoping to better understand or advocate for members of their community.

Learn more and Register

Virtual Open Houses

Upcoming Open Houses

Our co-ops’ virtual open houses and info sessions are a great way to meet teachers and/or current parents and talk about how co-op works, what’s unique about each location, and more. You can also view our Calendar to see them by date.

We will continue to add open houses as we receive information.

Broadview Co-op

Capitol Hill Coop

Crown Hill Cooperative Preschool

Lakewood Cooperative Preschool

Latona Cooperative Preschool

Loyal Heights Co-op Preschool

Madison Park Co-op Preschool

Meadowbrook Cooperative Preschool

On Campus Infants and Toddlers

Queen Anne Co-op Preschool

Rainier Valley Co-op Preschool

University-Ravenna Co-op Preschool

Victory Heights Co-op Preschool

Wallingford Co-op Preschool Pre-3s Open House

Wedgwood Co-op Preschool

Woodland Park Co-op: Preschool Kindergarten


Podcast Episode 3: Beth Goss

Beth Goss

In our latest podcast episode, Tania speaks with Beth Goss (she/her).

Beth as been working in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1989. She has been a preschool teacher, an administrator, and a teacher trainer, and is currently a full-time, tenured parent education instructor at North Seattle College. Beth is also a Certified Gottman Educator and Training Specialist with the Gottman Institute. She can be reached for workshop facilitation, speaking engagements, and consulting at


Podcast Episode 2: Barbara Alfeo

Barbara Alfeo
In our second podcast episode, Tania speaks with co-op parent Barbara Alfeo.
Barbara Alfeo has been saving her sanity in co-op classes for six years. She and her three boys (6, 4, and 10 months) have attended NEST, Latona, and Woodland Park over the years. When she isn’t making PB and J or cleaning spit up out of her hair, she teaches art and environmentalism to kids at Seattle Recreative and writes a green parenting blog called Sunshine Guerrilla.


Podcast Episode 1: Betty Peralta

Betty Peralta

In this first episode of our brand new podcast, Tania Hino talks with Betty Peralta about ways to connect with your child.

Presenter: Betty Peralta, MIT, MSc, IMH-E® (III) promotes an anti-bias, trauma-healing, neurodevelopmental approach to children’s learning and behaviors called the NeuroRelational Framework. She is Parenting Coach for a domestic violence shelter; Parent Educator for three cooperative preschools; Infant Mental Health Reflective Consultant for home-visiting early intervention therapists, doulas, and their supervisors; and Child and Parenting Parter Interaction Specialist in her practice, ALTA: Alternative Learning and Therapeutic Avenues. She can be reached for workshop facilitation, coaching, and consultation at


Madison Park Cooperative Preschool

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool offers a play-based preschool program that provides a solid foundation for future academic learning.

Parents are students, too – gaining access to a Parent Educator and resources to strengthen their parenting.

We are a cooperative, working together to administrate and operate the school.

And we are a community, building a supportive network for families.

Who We Are

Madison Park Cooperative Preschool (MPCP) is located at the historic Madison Park bathhouse on the shores of Lake Washington. MPCP has provided families with a nurturing and supportive environment for nearly 50 years – since its 1970 inception as a babysitting cooperative.

MPCP is a parent-child study laboratory affiliated with Seattle Central College and a larger network of local cooperative preschools. Through this program, MPCP is required to provide a safe, age-appropriate and supportive atmosphere where parents, additional caregivers and children learn together.

How It Works

We provide preschool programs for ages 1-5, through seven different classes each week. View our schedule and learn more

Cooperative preschools rely on caregivers’ in-class participation in a predetermined number of class sessions, varying with age level. This allows us to offer low-cost tuition and provides parents/caregivers the chance to learn from the preschool environment, be a part of their child’s early school experience, and build community with fellow caregivers.

Classes are led by our talented teaching staff. Learn more about our teachers

Our Curriculum & the Value of Play

The MPCP curriculum emphasizes social development of the child and learning through play. Of primary importance is the building of the child’s positive self-image, self-esteem, and self- confidence. We strive to create a warm and accepting atmosphere for children to explore their world through art, music, stories, and play.

According to our nation’s leading educators, a key indicator of quality is the significance of play in a program’s philosophy. Young children learn best by play – by actively thinking, experimenting, exploring and manipulating their environment – to make sense of their world, to understand and negotiate relationships, to develop creative thinking and to build a positive sense of themselves and their significance to a community.

Play provides the important foundations for academic learning in the later years and is central to all aspects of a child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. Child-directed, teacher-facilitated play is central to all aspects of the Madison Park Cooperative Preschool curriculum.

Parent Education

Parents become students of Seattle Central College, which provides us with our Parent Educator. At monthly class meetings, the Parent Educator leads a discussion on a topic selected by the class, like “When Your Child Pushes Your Buttons” or “Emotion Coaching.” Additionally, parents or other in-class caregivers can check in with the Parent Educator during preschool class sessions, gaining instant advice on current parenting struggles.

Additional Parent Involvement

Madison Park Co-op is managed by its current families. In addition to in-class responsibilities, each family is required to hold a co-op job – ranging from a more active role, like serving on the Board of Directors, to less active, like staffing one-time events, or securing needed supplies. Each family is also required to participate in monthly class meetings. Learn more about Parent Responsibilities 

Being part of a cooperative preschool offers parents the opportunity to watch their child grow in his or her first contact with a group outside of the family. It offers parents direct involvement with the teachers and children who define this new step in the child’s life.

Perhaps the most lasting effect of joining the co–op is the sense of community support that develops among the parents.

Published: February 1st, 2021, 12:59 pm

Magnolia Cooperative Preschool

Magnolia Cooperative Preschool

About Our School

Celebrating more than 75 years, we are the oldest and largest cooperative preschool in Seattle.

Magnolia Cooperative Preschool focuses on social and emotional development through creative and cooperative play. Children develop positive self-image and sense of community. We have been supporting generations of families for 79 years.

We’d love for you to join us!

Overview of Classes

Magnolia Cooperative Preschool offers a range of classes for Toddlers through Pre-K. Classes include a combination of circle time, free choice time, music, snack, and outdoor time on our secure, private playground. Older classes (3 and up) also have the opportunity to take several off-site field trips throughout the year.

Published: January 25th, 2021, 11:43 am

Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool

Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool

What we believe

RVCP offers a multi-age, social-emotional curriculum, with two teachers in the classroom, which enables us to meet the developmental needs of the children through authentic and meaningful relationships and activities. As children play and build relationships with each other and the grown-ups, they practice a variety of skills in which they experience both the role of expert and learner. All decisions that we make as teachers start with the child at the center. Our image of the child is one who is complete, good, competent, powerful, creative, intelligent, inquisitive, enterprising, rooted in culture, empathic, cooperative, resilient and perseverant. Our planning and reflections are built on the belief that children are exactly where they need to be and doing exactly what they need to be doing in this moment in time, and that they can accomplish what they are capable of doing, alone and with others. Our work begins with the unconditional acceptance of our children exactly where they are.

Last updated: January 25th, 2021, 10:55 pm

Lakewood Cooperative Preschool

Lakewood Cooperative Preschool

Teaching Philosophy


Our curriculum is play based and is designed to increase preschoolers levels of social competence and to problem solve in a caring way. At Lakewood we celebrate childhood and believe the most important job of a preschooler is to play… To play hard, to play long, and to play with others. Numerous studies show that successful students who achieve degrees in higher education have attended developmentally appropriate preschool programs where play is the main agenda. We believe that kids need to use their imaginations, they need to dig in the dirt and find creatures, they need to paint colorful pictures, they need to find out about each other, and they need a place where they can tell their story.

At 2 to 5 years, they don’t need to act like first graders, sit still, read, or write. Their job is to PLAY and at Lakewood Co-op, they will have lots of opportunities to have fun and PLAY!


Mixed-Age Classrooms

Lakewood Co-op Preschool enrolls children in mixed-age classes which allows for both developmental and enrollment flexibility.

There are Numerous benefits to mixed-age classes, including:

  • Strengthening of compassion and leadership skills for older children

  • Modeling of older children’s social skills, verbal skills, and problem solving by younger children

  • Reduced focus on age, decreasing developmental biases

  • Increased opportunities for the development of relationships between children whose needs/styles complement, match, or supplement each other

  • Sense of family among class members

  • Shift of focus from competition to cooperation

Last updated: January 25th, 2021, 10:57 pm

Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool

Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool

About Our School

Serving children (infants through age five) and their families for over 50 years, Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool is among Seattle’s oldest cooperative preschools. Parents and teachers work together to enable young minds explore the world in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. Our philosophy emphasizes socialization and play-based learning. Interaction with parent educators offers parents an opportunity to gain further insights to meet their children’s physical, intellectual and social/emotional needs. Parents are an integral part of the success of QACP. We strive to create a community where both parents and children are supported through early childhood and beyond by the connections they have made with other co-op families.

Last updated: January 25th, 2021, 10:53 pm

Winter 2021 Online Class: Register Now

Understanding Children: Discipline – Tools and Techniques

We’re currently registering for the online course Understanding Children, which starts Jan. 4, 2021. Every quarter we have a different focus, and this fall we’ll have two sections. One will be focused on Virtual learning – focus on discipline and the other will be Supporting Parents & Strengthening Families. 

The class is 5 credits and consists of weekly readings/videos, online class discussions, and occasional shorts essays. It’s appropriate for parents, teachers, early childhood professionals, caregivers and others with children in their lives-infant through young adult.

Topics will include:

  • Positive Discipline
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Global Perspectives and
  • Other emergent topics

The course number is FAM 184 and the link to register is

Loyal Heights Cooperative Preschool

Loya Heights Co-op Preschool

We provide a loving, caring environment where children and adults practice respect, cooperation and share an enthusiasm for learning and life!

  • We are a place of play and fun where children develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.
  • We have an appreciation and understanding of diversity.
  • We practice peaceful conflict resolution.
  • We are a small community of big hearts and big spirits!​
​We believe that three to five-year-olds learn best through play. Our teacher prepares a wide variety of topics that stimulate play in order to build social skills and enhance creative and cognitive development. Teacher Marissa believes in her heart and mind that parents and teachers can be natural allies. Our goal is to work together in cooperation, so that we can really build a strong community. It does take a village!​
We allow Babes in Arms.
For more information on our teacher and unique curriculum, visit

Last updated: June 27th, 2021, 04:28 pm

Woodland Park Cooperative Preschool

About Our School

We make art, build, read, grow plants from seeds, act in plays and sing out loud. We’re outside everyday. Rain or shine! We take field trips on foot or by bus to see new places and make discoveries. We serve and support each other and our local Fremont community.

Woodland Park Co-op does not discriminate against member, prospective members, or their children on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, physical or emotional disabilities.

Our teachers are Althea Jones, Christi Cruz, and Rachel Troutman

Last updated: March 31st, 2021, 01:33 pm

Wallingford Cooperative Preschool

At Wallingford Co-op preschool, children and parents are encouraged to explore, imagine, learn, and share in a nurturing and supportive environment together.  And we of course have lots of fun!  Learn more about our school below and then visit the individual program pages above for class curriculum, schedules, and other detailed information.

Wallingford Co-op offers:

  • Two classes for children from two to five years old.
  • Experienced teachers with degrees in related fields.
  • An open, bright classroom filled with age appropriate materials, which encourage imagination and socialization.
  • Indoor rainy day playroom and outdoor play area and structures.
  • Monthly evening parent education led by expert instructors from NSC.
  • Caring and supportive environment for our children and families.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Working one morning each week in the classroom. The other day can be a drop-off.
  • Attending one evening meeting a month for school business and parent education.
  • Holding a committee job, such as teacher assistant, photographer, scheduler, etc.
  • Participating in an all-school playground cleanup in the fall and one other classroom deep clean throughout the year.
  • Providing snack for the class as per the rotating schedule.
  • Participating in fundraising activities.
  • Paying monthly tuition and NSC quarterly tuition. Partial scholarships are available.

Our classes are held at the Keystone Congregational Church which is located one block north of the Good Shepherd Center at 50th Ave NE & Keystone Pl N.

Parents are talking!

“Our child’s abilities are growing by leaps and bounds. He is making new friends and seems to learn something new every day.” — A Wallingford Parent

“I have a lot of fun at preschool and the kids have even more. Our teachers are fantastic and I learn a lot from the other parents too.” — A Wallingford Parent

Last updated: May 7th, 2021, 02:01 pm

Meadowbrook Cooperative Preschool

About Our School

Meadowbrook Co-op Preschool is a warm and welcoming space shared by a Pre-3s, 3-5s and Fives programs. We love our large, bright and airy room with its two lofts and open feel. Our emphasis is on trusting children to learn when presented with age appropriate, interesting and diverse experiences and allowing them to find their place in a safe and yet stimulating environment. We offer the following classes:

Class times and days

Pre-3’s – Two to Three Mornings Class Schedule

Monday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Wednesday (optional) 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Friday 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

3 to 5’s (+ Pre-K) – Four or Five Mornings Schedule

Monday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Tuesday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Friday (optional) 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Pre-K students meet for an additional hour three days each week:

Tuesday 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Wednesday 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Thursday 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Find out More


For details of the costs, schedule and openings in our programs please contact the Parent Coordinator of the class you are interested in.


Last updated: September 5th, 2022, 10:25 am

Latona Pre-3s

Latona Cooperative Preschool

Important update

Latona, Northeast Toddlers, University Ravenna and On-Campus Infants have merged to form NorthLeaf Campus Cooperative Preschool. A preschool and learning community located at North Seattle College for children ages 3 months to Pre-K starting in 2021-2022.

Please see the new NorthLeaf Pre-3s page for details on this class.

Last updated: October 18th, 2021, 12:07 pm

Victory Heights Toddlers

With so many toddler milestones, our program provides a warm, nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment for this growth and learning to occur. The daily schedule includes developmentally appropriate activities for art, sensory table, home center play, block area play, fine motor manipulative play and gross motor active play (indoors and outdoors). We also have fun during our circle time with songs, puppets, flannel board stories, musical instruments, and dancing. Parent education discussion time is incorporated into the daily schedule, providing parents a time to discuss parenting concerns and issues.

Toddlers Co-op Details:

  • For children age 1 by August 31st
  • Meets: Thursdays 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For enrollment and cost information:

Toddler Class Schedule

11:00-11:30 Outdoor/Indoor Large Motor Play
11:30-11:50 Wash hands/Snack/Announcements
11:55- 12:35 Parent Ed/Free Play
12:35-12:40 Clean Up/Transition
12:40-12:55 Circle Time: Songs, Puppets, Dancing
12:55-1:00 Stamps and Goodbyes
Victory Heights TeacherAria Prame Hill has always found a way to combine her love of music and teaching children. After graduating from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Aria went on to pursue her passion as a jazz vocalist, studying music and performing. She brings with her a myriad of experiences that include teaching at-risk preschoolers for AmeriCorps, teaching English to Nepalese school children in a remote village, working one-on-one with children with varying developmental disabilities, and bringing music classes to daycares and preschools around Seattle. Since 2010, Aria has been teaching young children and their families the early fundamentals of music through singing and movement in the early childhood program Music Together. She loves capturing a child’s focus with engaging songs, rhythms, and stories and finds that moment of connection to be the most rewarding part of teaching young children. Aria believes in finding the unique interests of each child in order to guide their learning in an ever evolving way through play and free exploration.

Last updated: May 2nd, 2023, 02:01 pm

Crown Hill Explorers: Orcas

The Orcas class meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

Pre-3 classes have up to 20 children enrolled and their ages range from 24 to 36 months.

Our preschool is a fun place for you and your toddler to learn and grow. From painting to pretending, taking turns to tower building, each child will have the opportunity to explore many experiences as their minds make new connections about the world around them.

Parents attend one class a week with their child. Children attend both classes each week with the age-appropriate goal of separating from their parent. Board and parent education meetings are held one evening a month throughout the school year (children do not attend these meetings).

If you have questions about the school, would like to be placed on the wait list or apply for next year, please contact our Parent Coordinator.

Our class schedule:
9:00-9:25 Large Motor Play
9:25-9:40 Snack
9:40-10:45 Free Play
10:45-11:00 Circle Time

Last updated: March 6th, 2023, 01:31 pm

Crown Hill Explorers: Otters

The Otter class meets on Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

Toddler classes have up to 20 children enrolled and their ages range from 12 to 24 months.

Our preschool is a fun place for you and your toddler to learn and grow. From painting to pretending, taking turns to tower building, each child will have the opportunity to explore many experiences as their minds make new connections about the world around them.

Parents attend class with their children. Board and parent education meetings are held one evening a month throughout the school year (children do not attend these meetings).

If you have questions about the school, would like to be placed on the wait list or apply for next year, please contact our Parent Coordinator.

Our class schedule*:
9:00-9:25 Large Motor Play
9:25-9:40 Snack
9:40-10:30 Free Play / Discussion Group
(1/2 parents with toddlers, 1/2 in discussion group with the Parent Educator)
10:30-11:00 Circle Time

Last updated: March 6th, 2023, 01:38 pm

Crown Hill Explorers Cooperative Preschool

We have 3 classes serving children 12 months to 4 years. Our preschool classes share the same space and teacher. Cooperative preschool is a wonderful way to introduce children to early learning and for parents to learn and grow as well. We are a certified “Nature Explorers” preschool. Certified Nature Explore Classrooms are dynamic, nature-based play and learning spaces. Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom Design Services apply research-based, field-tested design principles to create these nature-rich outdoor spaces. 
Preschool is a time for your child to explore, engage and encounter. Preschool allows children to be exposed to new friends, new challenges and new ideas. Between the ages of one and four, children experience many changes and it is exciting to be part of their first learning experiences. Teacher Janice designs the curriculum, using cooperative and creative play to enhance social, emotional and intellectual development.

Parent Coordinator Contact Form.

Last updated: October 18th, 2023, 12:13 pm