In this episode, Tania talks to Megan Wiebelhaus, LMHCA.
Megan Wiebelhaus, LMHCA is a therapist working with teens and adults with ADHD, Autism, high sensitivity, and high intelligence. In her over six years of mental health work, she’s: helped teens and adults struggling with addiction, taught classes on assertiveness and self-esteem, supported foster care kids and their caregivers, worked with clients one-on-one in school and camps, and even facilitated a Dungeons & Dragons social skills group! She started Megan Wiebelhaus Therapy in 2021. Megan lives in Seattle with her spouse, two children, and her abiding desire for a cat. She likes book clubs, new recipes, smart conversations, public speaking, and finally finding enough time to organize her closet.


Books on Time Management for ParentsTime To Parent, Julie Morgenstern;I Know How She Does It, Laura Vanderkam

Resources on Division of Household LaborFair Play, Eve Rodasky; How Not To Hate Your Husband After You Have Kids, Jancee Dunn;

Why Women Do the Household Worrying, Jessica Grose, The Atlantic

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