Tania talks to Kyle about the importance of exercise and sports with children.

Kyle Boyd is a former teacher who is leading fan development for the Seattle Kraken. He took on this new role after eight years of teaching history and social studies and is on a mission to ensure access to hockey for nontraditional hockey communities throughout Greater Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Kyle grew up in Eden Prairie, MN, and started playing skating at the age of four. After graduating from Dartmouth College with a degree in History in 2012 he joined Teach for America in St. Louis, MO. After his time in TFA Kyle taught at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge MA, as well as Lakeside School in Seattle. As a classroom teacher and coach, he has seen firsthand the power of connecting with kids through sport. He sees hockey to encourage youth to step outside of their comfort zone and use on-ice and off-ice experiences to impart life lessons. The Seattle Kraken will be the 32nd team in the National Hockey League and have recently completed the Kraken Community Iceplex their practice and community rinks in Seattle. Kraken Community Iceplex will serve as a hub for youth hockey programming in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Region and will be the largest NHL practice facility within a major cities’ limits. This year Kyle has led efforts to market the team to new hockey fans, and engaged local school districts, community nonprofits, and after-school partners to bring hockey to communities new to the game. As Fan Development leads for the Kraken he oversees the work of building a diverse and avid fan base across the state and region. Kyle is excited to work with a variety of community partners to address the gap in equity and access around the sport of hockey. When he is not focused on hockey, Kyle enjoys films (especially documentaries) and is still an avid historian. Kyle lives in North Seattle with his wife Archi, and the two were married in October of 2019.