In this episode, Tania speaks with Parent Educator Lea Evans.
Lea Evans has been a Parent Educator for North Seattle College for the past three years. She has a master’s degree in applied linguistics, essentially the study of language and pedagogy in language acquisition. She has previously taught both English and Spanish and has also worked in college advising. She felt drawn start learning Spanish as a teenager because it had skipped her dad’s generation in her own family. She sees language is an important connection to family and culture, and also feels a second language can be a window to other perspectives and cultures around the world. Now Lea is doing her best to pass bilingualism on to her child, much to her grandmother’s delight. To this end, her little one attended the PCPE Spanish language cooperative preschool and is now in a dual immersion program in Seattle Public Schools. As a parent educator, she’s pleased to be supporting four cooperative preschool classes, including one that is taught in Spanish with Northeast Seattle Toddlers, and is thankful for the chance to work with phenomenal teachers and amazing families!
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