The NSC Cooperative Preschools Parent Advisory Council has scholarship fund. We are asking for your support, as some of our enrolled families could not participate in school if they did not receive financial assistants. A consistent tuition stream allows us to continue paying our teachers, who consistently are providing educational experiences.
The NSC Cooperative Preschool Program started over 50 years ago and we offer a warm and gentle introduction to school and community life for young children and their families. Adults and children learn together, grow together, and actively build a community together. This fund is intended to help support our program with scholarships. The PAC auction is to provide for scholarships for low income families to attend the program, and awards to co-op preschools in financial need in order to make it through the pandemic’s impact on their finances. Please consider helping the NSC Cooperative Preschool Program.
Every school has donated at least one basket and they are amazing, we are so excited to start this auction!! Compete with other bidders or purchase instantly for the Buy it Now price. Share this link with family and friends, you don’t have to be a preschool member to buy a basket.

There’s something for everyone just in time for the holidays!